Smudgegate Fading into Footnote Obscurity

With last night's win, the Cards inch closer to a Worl Series victory and SmudgeGate loses steam since its kind of rude to investigate the losing team. Don't count out the Tigers yet though because Justin Verlander is the real deal and throws some serious gas. But you know what they say about super hard throwing pitchers, it is, in some ways, easier to take them deep because they put so much more energy into the ball, its just a question of reversing its direction.

Its not over but its winding down.

And Bruce Bochy has agreed to become the SF Giants next manager. I'm not sure how I feel about that. He's a decent coach, for sure, but is he the right manager for the Giants. And the trickle down is that it likely means Barry Bonds will come back for one more year with the Giants. I hope they can sign Barry to an incentive-laden contract and jnot just a monster paycheck contract. Produce to earn, Barry, that'll win you some hearts and minds. Otherwise you'll come off like an aging greedhead with bad knees who's not an asset in the field anymore.

Also, check out this article at Slate about the physics of cheat balls. Its quite interesting to hear some player perspectives. Pine tar isn't seen as such an egregious cheat as vaseline or suntan lotion.

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