Shunning Payperpost.com

Matt Haughey, of MetaFilter fame, has an excellent idea to demonstrate the deep dislike for non-disclosed pay for coverage blogging. Add payperpost.com to your competitive ads filter in Google AdSense. That way they cannot display their ads on your blogs.


Note, Payperpost is a system by which bloggers write reviews of products that are listed on the payperpost site and are compensated for doing so (supposedly). The main issue with this type of payola is that Payperpost doesn't require any sort of disclosure that the blogger is being compensated for their "opinion". And that makes it shady and thoroughly uncool, in my book. Other opinions vary from whatever to outrage to cool with it (my gut tells me that newer bloggers are more okay with this concept than longer time bloggers like myself).

TechCrunch does a pretty decent job of breaking it down.

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