Rumsfeld Grasps at the Straws of Fear

Rumsfeld Agrees Terrorists Are Saying ‘We’ve Got an Election in Two Weeks in America…We Want to Change Horses Over There’ which is to say, the GOP is revving up the FUD machine to try and cow the populance into leaving them in power to bugger the works for another few years.

Why would the terrorists want a paradigm shift? Because they're tired of dealing with morons. Why would the Republicans fear a change? Because the current run of indictments will look like a drop in the bucket.

Keep grasping at your Fear Straws, GOP. It makes you look worse than you already do. And that's an accomplishment.

And Rummy also has said to back off and give him space to screw it up some more, there is no timetable, despite calls for one and despite Bush's admission that they are working on one. Nice to know the lines of communication are completely shutdown in our government. Maybe Rummy should use one of those internet tubes to get himself a clue, possibly from The Google.

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