Rough Day on the Gridiron

NFL kickers, underdogs have their day. Let's see, a 62-yard field goal to beat the Eagles, a last minute field goal to beat the Chargers, a previously beaten-down team upsetting another pretty crappy team.

I have no shame in telling you that my football pickem is probably my worst one ever this week. But that's alright, I can't imagine any of the other players having any better weeks.

And I thoroughly trounced one team in my fantasy league thanks to Peyton Manning playing like he has in the past.

And the Sharks lost to the Wild which means the Wild are definitely one of the elite teams in the NHL.

And Kenny Rogers continued his dream post season with another convincing outing against the Cards last night. I thought that old dog's tank was bone dry but he's showing that he's got the stones to get it done. I still think the Cards are gonna win it all but the Tigers aren't going quietly, nosirreebob. And that's exactly how I'd want it to go. I hate sweeps in the World Series or otherwise lopsided victories. I like the gritty battles that let you see just who wants it more.

I am also looking forward to what the Giants do in the offseason. I hope they work hard to get alot younger!