Rain Doth Anger the Cruzan

Rain in Santa Cruz
When it rains around here the locals don't really tend to take it well. At least, not at first. And today we had our first decent commute in the rain. Combine that with an exploded transformer on the main surface street through town because the highway is a parking lot during the commute and you've got usually good natured Californians flipping each other off and making nasty faces at one another.

From my own end, I can't say as I was a positive force. I'd had to leave work early today to make sure I got to the animal hospital before they closed for the day. I'm glad I left early as there's no way I'd have made it if I left on time. Anyway, Nande was just a little more than thrilled to see when they brought her up. She had a shaved portion and a rather gnarly looking open wound where the foxtail had worked itself in and caused the infection. So much trouble for such a little bit of plant material. But at least it wasn't something really bad like turbo cancer.

An interesting wedding anniversary this time around, that is for sure. The celebration will have to wait until we're both healthy enough to celebrate as the flu I had may be making a guest appearance in my wife's lungs. Luckily the boys seems to have avoided getting the heavy beatdown version that I got. So that's nice.

And tomorrow I pretty well fully expect to be better. No more foghead. Which is good because its really hard to get any decent work done when you keep zoning out and sounds echo inside your skull.

And I'm glad it doesn't snow here because then I think we'd end up with fistfights at traffic lights or, more likely given the recent spikes in shooting violence, a blast-off by some tough guys. I wish it weren't going to rain the rest of the week because I really would like to ride to work instead of slog through the jam. Its such a waste of time, it just kills me. Maybe I'll use up some of our rollover minutes hours and call my mommy.

Plus the A's won Game Two, the Dodgers lost Game One and the Tigers got a reprieve on the sweep by the Spankees. And hockey's back again. That's cool!

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