Quick Thoughts

Monday morning comes too quickly. But Sunday morning started at 3:30 am with Graydon trying to escape his crib and finding that his head didn't fit through the opening he'd created by knocking the crib side slide off its track.

And then, once the big boy was down, the little boy started up. So yeah. From about 3:30 til about 6 yesterday I was up and down and up and down. Reseting pacifiers and asking Sully to please, please, please go back to sleep.

Kids are the most wonderful gifts ever, but sometimes they can be quite trying and tiring.

And Graydon's crib? Repaired with some wood glue and a toothpick broken off in the hole to give the screw something to grab on to. He won't be escaping the same way again. But he's also getting ready to get moved into a big boy bed too.

PS Should I feel good or bad about getting out of Ikea for only $200 yesterday? I got a new desk, Graydon got a slick easel with a chalkboard on one side and my wife got new shelving for her shop. Not too bad a deal at all.

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