Pumpkin Pilgramage

We made our annual trip out to the pumpkin patch north of Santa Cruz yesterday afternoon. I knew this one was going to be alot of fun because Grady is as mobile as can be and he was off and running from the moment he got down out of the car.

He pulled the wagons, played duck, duck, goose with the pumpkins, crawled into a hay cave and really just had a ball. Sully wasn't as into it but that's to be expected since he's a wee sprite still. But we all had a great time really. And we got six pumpkins to carve up, two big'uns, three mediums and one small.

Tonight there shall be pumpkin carnage a'plenty! I'm still not decided on what designs I'll go with, perhaps I'll do a search and see what kind of fabulousness I can find online and work from there.

What are you carving your pumpkins to be this year?

Oh yeah, the photo with this post was done in-camera with the Color Accent feature that lets you choose a single color and the rest are greyed out. It makes for a very cool effect, I think.