Packages Full of Fantastic Treasures!

I've got to hand it to my mother for saving these from the trash. I got a package of three smaller packages of things she said reminded her of bonsai figures.
And some do. Some do not though, like the red pagoda. Or the set of progressively smaller houses, the bridges, the boats and all of the really cool little figures themselves. Geishas, fishermen, laborers (some with little bundles, some with empty baskets), a samurai or two, some beggars, a frog, some birds (not sure what kind, they look like flamingos).
Wee Pagoda
All very small. And a really neat assortment of trees made of wire, coatings and some lost knowledge. They will bear some photographing as well.

The entire package of stuff is really just fantastic and that is really what I think. Hell yeah.

Mom, you get the two thumbs up prize of the week!