Not On YouTube But I Found It on Google Video?

Techdirt: Takedown Notice Process Working For YouTube and YouTube has been making good on removing copyrighted material from their site.

Funny thing though. I wanted to see the recent smackdown of Rich Franklin, the then-reigning middleweight champ of the UFC, by Anderson Silva. I checked YouTube and the one link to the fight had been removed due to copyright issues. And, as a lark, I thought I'd try Google's Video service. Sure enough, there it was and I got to see it happen.

Lots of muay thai knees to the body just took all the fight out of Franklin and he was pretty much a ragdoll by the end of the fight. And, upon further searching, I saw him do the exact same thing to another fighter before pounding him into jelly.

You'd think that Google Video would have blocked the UFC content as well. But not yet. Funny that.