News, Good, Bad and WTF

There's never a shortage of bad news to report on but maybe its sensible to try and balance out the bad with some good?

In WTF? News, a Richmond mother is in jail (and should rot there) for torturing her 8 year old boy to death. The investigators said that they had never seen something as horrible as what she'd done to her own child. The abuse had been occuring for a very, very long time and raises serious questions about anyone who knew the child and why they did not notify authorities. It makes me deeply, deeply sad to think about what a horrible life that little boy had and that his mother deserves nothing but a dark hole to rot out the rest of her life in.

Also in WTF? News, a San Francisco cop has been arrested in Cambodia for sexual assault on a minor. Somehow he has committed what is being called suicide while in his prison cell by shooting himself not once but twice in the mouth. Which makes me wonder just how in the hell someone shoots themselves twice in the mouth. Methinks I smell a rat. Not that he's any great loss, he went traveling to have sex with children.

In Alabama, a brother got revenge on his brother after an argument about a girl by, this is where it gets freakin' insane, raping his mother. The mother was passed out on the couch and came to while her son was raping her. I'm sure he will enjoy prison.

In good news, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe are getting divorced. Why is this good? Because Reese is a stunningly beautiful and seemingly down-to-earth lady with alot of class. Ryan has always struck me as a pretentious dinkwad. And yes, that does get really shallow but I've always had a thing for Reese and am much happier now that she's "available" again, even if there was little to no chance no matter what and I'm happily married with two kids of my own.

In other good news, the Patriots stomping of the Vikings last night secured my first win in the football this season. And that means I swept the football for the weekend, both fantasy teams won and I took home the prize money from the pool and that totally kicks ass!

I also carved one helluva cool pumpkin last night, check it out in my Flickr window up on right. Hell yeah, that was me!

Oh yes, I almost forgot, another Good News bit, the most annoying talentless jackass in American, Kevin Federline, is about to have his New York show cancelled due to an utter lack of interest. But at least he's got his WWE (or whatever its called this week) player hater status to fall back on. He's becoming a regular on the show and yes, the crowd thoroughly hates his scrawny dumbass.

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