Likely the Last Post on Mark Foley

I've made the mistake of clicking through and catching Olbermann hard charging about all the extra aspects of this whole sordid and awful affair that is Mark Foley and his explicit emails to underage pages.

Things that are important and do bear recognition. Like why Dennis Hastert and the Republican leadership tried to sweep it under the rug. Why Foley gave $100K to the Republican party round about the time this took place?

And then there is the freakish irony of Foley's very, very public speech about someone preying on kids' life would be ruined. I don't get how you go from that wide open and public a face aligning yourself with the good guys in the fight against pedophilia.

And then you turn out to be one? Your life is about to become an open book, Mark Foley. Its possible you could face criminal charges stemming from this, either directly or in the subsequent investigation into your affairs. Its already been established that you're sloppy and kind of stupid sometimes. My money's on you having a few more skeletons in your closets come out into the public.

It must be hard to be a mouthpiece for the "Right" these days though. Such a relentless stream of really shitty news, indictments, bad news from the war front, etc. etc. etc. People like Tony Snow who seems to be doing the anti-Scottie Mac and is wasting away rather than porking up and sweating out. Matt Drudge, Bill O'Reilly, Rush and whoever else must just get tired of trying to figure out new ways to spin the same shit into something other than the shit it is.

And the options are getting thinner and thinner. Anyway, it will be interesting to see just how far this latest stain spreads across the face of the presiding party. How many more weeks until the elections?

Of course, at this point its entirely possible that they know they're going to get kicked out of power and are just trying to screw things up as much as possible to make it that much more difficult to put things back together again.

[Update: Oh yeah, the skeletons are coming fast and furious now (including some new excerpted transcripts that are really creepy to read). And the more pictures I see of this guy the more he totally skeeves me out. And no, that is not a good thing.]

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