Latest Food Fetish

I've got an old returned favorite food fetish that I felt like sharing.

Taqueria's sometimes have these scary vats of jalapenos with onions and carrots soaking in the juices as well. The best ones add a liberal dose of lime to the mix to punch it up just a bit more.

The jalapenos are too much for me and give me nasty heartburn. Nope, I'm a monster fan of the carrots. They take on enough flavor to let you know you're eating hot food but the lime and the spices are also incredibly flavorful and delicious. I feel a little guilty about picking through the tubs and taking just the carrots but I'd be wasting anything else if I took them too.

The ones I had today were about the spiciest I've ever had but I still couldn't help myself from chowing the whole thing.

So there's my latest return food fetish. What quirky food is lighting your fires these days?

I also dig on Tim's Wasabi potato chips and chicken nuggets with lots of Frank's Red Hot sauce on top too!

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