Ken Macha Gets Canned

The A's became the sixth major league team to let its manager go since the final days of the season. Dusty Baker (Chicago Cubs), Joe Girardi (Florida), Felipe Alou (San Francisco), Frank Robinson (Washington) and Buck Showalter (Texas) are not coming back next year.
Macha fired as Oakland's manager and its not really a surprise since all the hip ball clubs are firing managers these days. Except the ultra-square New Dork Spankees.

Baseball's winding down, the Tigers are gonna face the Cards or the Mets and then the season's done and the only sport I'll have on a daily basis is hockey since I absolutely cannot stand basketball. I don't mind playing it but best to be on my team unless you like dislocated hips and sprained ankles (sorry, I come from a contact sport background, deal with it).

But let's look at this list and see who deserved a canning.

Dusty? Hell yes, the most overrated manager in the modern history of the game.
Joe? Hell no, he kicked ass with a payroll of $15 million.
Felipe? Hell no, he's a baseball legend, 'nuff said.
Frank? Um, no. Any team would be quite fortunate to have him as a manager.
Buck? Meh, take him, leave him. I don't think it matters.

[Update: Maybe the Macha canning wasn't such a bad thing for the A's given the statements by his ex-players to the Chronicle. I give the players props for being pros during the season and their reasons seem reasonable but its hard to not be taken aback by the players pig-piling on the Slam Macha Train.]

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