If Only It Weren't Fake

I heard about the lamest white boy of all time showing up on the lamest fake sport of all time and supposedly getting slammed. Its fake, just like K-Fed and professional wrestling. But its a nice sentiment to think about the scrawny wanker getting manhandled.

Anyway, its not especially good but here's the YouTube - K-Fed Slam. I feel stupider for having watched a couple of minutes of it.

If only it were real. Actually, if only we didn't leave in a universe populated by such pathetic posers. Where idiots like Paris Hilton are useless wastes of space, K-Fed is in a class all by himself. He's annoying in ways that are really beyond comprehension. Has the fool done anything aside from screw The Brit (queen of easy cheese and cheetos and baby seats are for mortals)? I don't think so nor do I really care enough to find out anymore.

That a fool like K-Fed doesn't have to do anything at all and has more money than he'll ever be able to spend on hookers and blow is really just absolutely wrong. I do hope and expect that he'll punch out of this life in a really incredibly stupid way, like dropping a boombox into the hot tub he's floating in or maybe choking on a dorito.

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