I Ask, I Get, The World is Under My Control

Did I not ask for a Tigers win, a Mets sweep and a Padres win?

Yeah, yeah I did.

I don't think I'm gonna disclose my football picks just yet though. I did only lose four games last weekend and was just a wee bit off the pace to win.

And the Sharks had their first shutout win of the year in their second game, that's awesome!

And the best thing about the Niners playing the Raiders tomorrow? One of them is going to get a win.

[Update: Does Joe Torre deserve to get fired for a bunch of underperforming,overpaid superstars? Yeah, probably. But I think King George should get rid of that RA-Rod guy too, maybe trade him to the Giants? Heck, the Giants should consider making an offer to Torre. That would make for an interesting personality clash between the manager and the entire city.]

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