Further Vindication and Gleeful Schadenfreude

I got a call from a couple of editor/marketing pals up near San Francisco yesterday and they were really excited to share a secret with me. The most best kind of secret too since it involved my old company, who's also screwed them as well.

The conference they'd had planned for this week? It was supposed to start tomorrow up in the city? Um, yeah, due to "major coordination issues", the conference plug was pulled either late last week or on Monday morning, a mere three days before the scheduled start. Ooopsy!

Why does this make me feel so good even though my ex-co-workers and friends are suffering as a result? Because its further vindication that a) they did not value what I did for the company highly enough and b) the boss needs someone to keep her from stepping in her own crap. Also, it makes me smile knowing that she just lost a heckuva lot more money on non-refundable deposits and room guarantees than she stole from me, ALOT more.

And, oh yeah, don't think the press doesn't notice these things. Because they do. And they lose a little or alot more faith in the stability and believability of a company when they resort to last minute cancellations like this.

Besides, at this point, I'd just about cheer her getting run over by a bus. Almost. I'm not that bitter. I don't wish her physical harm but I certainly have no problems wishing her deep financial harm since that's what she did to me.
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