Ethics and Politics are Like Oil and Water

Denny's Man on the Ethics Committee, specifically appointed by Dennis Hastert, the guy who is looking worse and wrose in the light of the ever-more-shameful scandal that was Mark Foley's career.

These "leaders" simply do not get the scope of the transgression their collegeague and party-mate engaged in. A grotesque deception of the dirtiest order, professing to be a samaritan, a protector of the innocent and a scourge to those with evil desires and then finding out that he's one of those same filthy bastards who prey on children.

It is not a partisan issue, it is not political manuevering, it is genuine outrage that one elected to represent his consitutent's interests was, quite obviously, serving his ownand abusing his position of power most eggregiously.

Dennis Hastert is a man without even a vestigal moral compass. Theis scandal has quite capably demonstrated that fact. Standing with an attempted pedophile and pronouncing no conflict of interest or even anything to really see at all is an excellent way to demonstrate how badly warped your sense of justice has been warped.

I hope and expect these upcoming elections will send a clear and powerful message that We the People will not stand for cover-ups for pedophiles in the House of Repsentatives. That the American people demand better of their "leaders" and that the continued "spin control" by the GOP to try and blame everyone else for their own party's absolute lack of ethical guidance is more than enough justification to sweep all of the bums right the hell out the door.