Dispatches and Dispatched from EgoCo

The stream of news from my old company, which I have dubbed EgoCo for brevity and accuracy, continues to amaze, astound and stun. The fake name is, of course, to keep my ass out of trouble by not naming the real company or its officers because the biatch in charge over there would certainly try to go after me if she could.

And EgoCo fits quite nicely since the company is run not by a business plan but by the egocentric whims of the idiot in charge. Who's deathgrip on the reins of control is reminiscent of a pilot who can't let go of the stick even while the ground is approaching at 500 miles per hour and the co-pilot might be able to actually do something to save the plane.

Anyway, the news is coming fast and in most delectable fashion for an embittered ex-worker such as myself. From the failed conference effort to more recent insanity from the "executive" leadership.

First up, let's discuss the recently failed and incredibly lately canceled conference. Citing "communications issues" they dumped the conference the week that it was supposed to begin. The reality? The attendees signed up for the show were nearly all comps, that is, they were giveaways that brought in zero cash. And there were a little over a third of the number that they were shooting for. The problem with comp passes is that you can pretty well plan on half of those not showing up because they have no stake in the event. And a conference where the staff and speakers outnumber the attendees looks, well, stupid. Maybe not as stupid as canceling the event the week its supposed to start but pretty stupid and lame.

The problem with such a late cancellation is that the rooms blocked out at the hotel where the event was to be held have to be paid for and there are a whole bunch of other non-refundables involved. Not to mention speaker travel costs that have to reimbursed and the tremendous loss of credibility it incurs as well. Can you see my grin? All told, EgoCo dropped a crapload of money for no payback and the loss of an awful lot of their credibility.

Another story in the mix is that EgoCo's boss didn't want to pay one of the speakers back for some non-refundable travel expenses. And it wasn't very much money really (think less than $200), in the end the speaker got paid back but EgoCo lost any chance of EVER doing business with his company ever again. Nice, eh? Add them to a growing list of company's that have been shined by EgoCo.

Well, that stretched this out a bit more than I expected. I think, in the interest of not completely overwhelming readers, that I'll cut this one off here and start working on the next ridiculousness from EgoCo. Because it does get better and weirder and that's what they call a teaser!

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