Diet by Tussis

Since I got the flu a couple of weeks ago and the resurgence I had off it last week and over the weekend, my appetite really took a dive. And with all of the full body coughing going on, my body really took a beating.

I am, as you may be able to tell, feeling substantially improved but still have a little ways to go before I'm "healed".

But during this time I dropped to my lowest weight since before I started college. Not really by choice but funnily enough, the flu and coughing have helped to whittle down the little desk "bulge" I'd been starting to sport. Its still there to some degree but much reduced.

Kind of funny how being sick can have positive benefits as well. But I will happily relinquish my coughing workout regimen for my Bowflex again as soon as I can. I have had enough coughs to last me a year or two.

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