The Death Of Your Father

The Death Of Your Father: "Sigmund Freud called it 'the most poignant loss' of his life. Sean Connery termed it 'a shattering blow.' Norman Mailer likened it to 'having a hole in your tooth. It's a pain that can never be filled.' Each year, more than 1.5 million American boys and men lose their fathers to death. And like the three men mentioned above, most are unprepared.
Today is the anniversary of my father's passage from this world into the nebelous next. He died four years ago today. Like a big shining light that was shut off and can't be turned back on.

Its hard to have lost him. Heck, its hard to lose a friend, its almost impossible to lose a father.

But he should know that he's loved and missed by me, his other children, his wife, his ex-wife and all of his friends.

Four years is the blink of an eye in the bigger scheme of things and it feels like just yesterday to me. I can almost still here him making funny noises or playing around with a kazoo or making silly faces.

I love you, Dad! My only regret is that you never got a chance to meet my children, your grandchildren. But you did get to meet your other grandchildren and seeing how much love you had for them makes me wish all the more that you could share in some of the joy my own family gives me.

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