Darwin Award Short Listers

Artillery round melted for scrap kills two and critically wounds seven others.

Dude, its a bomb. You don't take an unexploded bomb and put it on a fire to melt it down. You get the hell away from it.

I'm sorry you're dead and even more so that another person died and seven other people's lives are permanently impacted by your stupidity or reckless need.

But wait, there's more!

Rush to marry ends in tragedy. In which the excited groom to be starts blasting with his gun to get his girl's attention, she gets tagged with a richochet and decides she's dead so he kills himself.

Whatever happened to the days of throwing pebbles against a girl's window when you wanted her attention? Now its all bang, bang, oh shit, I think I killed her so I should kill myself.

This is about as avoidable as it gets.

[Update: Phil left a comment about a teenage girl trying to commit suicide by getting in a high speed car wreck, regardless of the fact that the other car had zero to do with her distress (a girl in her class refused to have sex with her). The teenager survived, the woman she slammed into did not and now the teen is charged with murder. I'm sure there will be plenty of red-hot lesbian lovin' for her in prison. Very sad. The twist is that the teen was texting her friends as she was speeding towards the crash.]

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