Cheney Little Says "The Sky Will Fall If You Vote Democrat!"

Cheney: Iraq Violence Linked to Election and that it is his opinion that the stepped up attacks are the result of the terrorists trying to influence the elections. Just like Chicken Little bleating about the sky falling.

This is the same Cheney Little who proclaimed the resistance to be in its last throes 17 months ago. And yet, this October has seen more than a hundred US deaths (they don't publicly report the incredibly scary numbers of Iraqi civilians deaths but figure its probably close to 100 times the US casualty rate, maybe 200).

The between-the-lines commentary is that voting Democrat will immediately empower the terrorists to attack the US more boldly and with more deadly results. Because you know, its only fat, white Republican kid-touchers who can properly defend America from those durned turrists.

Fear is a bad leadership technique, Dicky-boy. And it makes you look like an idiot when your proclamations are demonstrably false. Your beliefs are abhorrent and you are a miserable excuse for a leader.

Also, I just saw a bit in the news that Bush says the Democrats don't have a plan for Iraq, which is ironic because he's the asshat who attacked the country without the first consideration for an exit plan and the invasion was based on demonstrable falsehoods. They are grasping at straws, propping those straws up and then blowing them and saying "Look how tough we are". Do not buy their limp rhetoric, do not buy into their culture of fear, do not buy into the Republican spin-machine.

The Republican party is the party of greed, pedophilia and covering their own asses while stuffing their pockets full of yours and my money. I hear some people saying the Democrats are no better than the Republicans and that may be true. But here's the thing, one poison snake is currently injecting its poison into all aspects of our lives and one potentially poison snake is not. Why would you continue to support the party that is actively dismantling your rights and freedoms?

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