If an ad is memorable but still has no chance of getting me to purchase the product then would it still be considered a success?

I speak, of course, about the Lite Beer Man Law ads (YouTube) featuring Burt Reynolds, Jerome Bettis, some roided up wrestler guy and a bunch of other "stars" all sitting around a table debating various aspects of beer and beer culture. And then they decide on Man Laws as a result.

The problem? Lite beer is about as tasty as cold piss with bubbles. They could give it away and I'd still not drink the crap water.

But the commercials are funny and memorable, if more than a little condescending. I mean, do I really need Burt Reynolds and his sentient toupee telling me what I can and cannot do with my beer? I don't think so.

While I like the commercials, they fail because the product they are hawking is utterly outside the realm of possibility of my ever consuming intentionally. If they are shooting for brand awareness then the commercial is a success but brand awareness doesn't mean squat when it comes time to select some beers to drink. I'll stick with beer that actually tastes good, thanks.

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