Aging Cheese

Some oldy and moldy Cheddar X to get to.

1. Where do you see your age?
This may sound strange but I see it just in front of my ears, there's a line that isn't a wrinkle but it also didn't used to be there.

2. Where do you feel your age?
In my hips sometimes. I've got genetically bad hips and they sometimes cramp. The worst is when they cramp when I'm riding my motorcycle, there's almost nothing that can be done to alleviate the pain except stopping and stretching. Which looks really stupid on the side of the highway.

3. Where do you hear your age?
Mostly in my ankles and knees, they pop and creak and groan when I run up the stairs.

4. Where do you smell your age?
When I catch a whiff of something that reminds me of Baltimore, like crabs slathered in Old Bay or that strange combination of spice scents from the McCormick factory down near the harbor.

5. What is your most vivid memory of childhood?
Playing Kiss Tag in the field next to my house with my neighbor and a girl I had a massive crush on when we were 8 or 9. I can still remember her pinning me and planting a big wet kiss on my lips. I was both excited and repulsed (wet kisses are kind of alien to a 9 nine year old, ya know?)

6. What was 'old' when you were a little kid?
I think 20 was about as high as I thought age could go.

7. Does that seem so old now?
Um no, 20 year olds are just kids.

That wasn't so bad! Want some cheese? Get to it and get yer own. But please swing on back through and leave a comment on the Cheddar X so others can read your post.

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