Why Gmail Annoys the Hell Out of Me

Blasphemy you say? Blasphemy to not worship at the Temple of Google? Especially when they host the engine to run this blog?

Bah. Google is not God, yet.

And I've been trying to use GMail for months now and I have pretty much concluded that I need folders to store my email in, I need a way to look at all of my unread email easily and at once and to mark it as read if I so choose.

As is it, I have an in-box with a couple hundred messages in it, about 60 that are unread and sprinkled throughout the in-box. There's no simple way to view just those and deal with them. Its stupid and annoying.

The labels are a waste of time to me. Give me folders to stash my email in, labels just add clutter and don't actually move things out of the in-box, they just add crap.

And yes, I do think I've posted about this before, I'm getting a distinct deja vu going on.