What Do Ann Coulter and Scientology Have in Common?

You don't want either of them to know what your home address is. In Scientology's case, they'll bombard you with really creepy hand written letters from people who think you've gone "astray". In Ann's case, she might just camp outside your house to wait until you go out so she can sneak in a boil your rabbit alive.

Seriously, could she look any creepier and more deranged (ala Glenn Close just before she hurls into the hedges in Fatal Attraction)? Maybe if she had some excrement across her forehead but the look pretty much says it all. "If I could get away with killing you and everyone you know, I'd do it, in a New York minute."

Fear Factor - Anti-Coulter Writers Write Anonymously

Actually, it makes good sense to not have your name attached to something that will infuriate the Coulter-corps by slinging reality and truth and ethics at the shrill harpy. How dare people expect this toxic butterfly to subscribe to yours and my reality. Maybe she's really colorblind and there really is only black and white in the world?

You know what I learned? I learned that if you use a set of lenses that invert all the images you see, eventually, your brain will just disregard the inversion and you'll see things right side up as normal. Until you remove the lenses again and your eyes have to readjust to the un-inverted world. Why is this interesting? Because people that view the world through such brutally ugly lenses as harpies like Coulter and Michael Savage (though he's just a freakin' dingbat for all I can tell) is that, eventually, their world view becomes standardized for them. They think its how things really are. In other words, they start to really buy into the mockery of the universe that they "see". And that's kind of sad. Except when you remember that they've gotten quite rich by substituting their own reality for the one the rest of us more commonly share.

But maybe I'm wrong, maybe my reality is nothing at all like hers. Or yours. Maybe every reality is its own private universe?