Vote for Elmer Fud in November

This November you must cast your vote for Elmer Fud or the terrorists will have won. Elmer Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. That's pretty much who is running against the Democrats. Why? Because the only message they have is the same tired bleating we've been hearing for years.

Here's some more...Bush on Democrats: 'They will raise your taxes'

Bush warned Democrats will say they have to raise taxes to balance the budget. "They will raise your taxes and figure out new ways to spend your money," he said. "The best way to balance the budget is to keep pro-growth policies in place."
Which makes me ask a pretty simple question. Just what in the fuck would this fool know about balancing a budget? He took a budget surplus from Clinton and turned it into the biggest deficit in the history of the freakin' world!

The best way to balance the budget is to not engage in a pointless and unwinnable war in Iraq (hmm, like your daddy knew and all your military advisors told you). The best way to balance the budget is to not rubber stamp nearly every proposal that crosses your desk (except for stem cell research, we've gotta to think about the pre-babies!). I don't think Bush has ever had to balance his checkbook let alone create or live within a budget.

Get out the vote and vote for Elmer "Osama Who?" Fud.

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