Switching Coffee for Ovaltine

How many cups of coffee do you have on an average morning?

I usually have one when I get up and watch Sesame Street with Graydon. And then I bring a thermos full of coffee with me to work which gives me another cup and a half to two cups.

So I generally have about three cups of coffee everyday during the week (I try to cut back to just a single cup on the weekends as its much harder to loaf and nap with a bunch of caffeine coursing through one's system).

Last night, as I was stirring my glass of malt Ovaltine, I had a thought of switching out the coffee and switching in Ovaltine. Coffee has no nutritional value and the creamer is generally sugar, fat and cream so no help there. Ovaltine has a whole crapload of vitamins and nutrients and comes slathered in milk, which has its own host of nutritional goodness.

And Ovaltine is really good warm too.

I think I'm going to give it a try next week and see how it goes. Of course, I will report in here. But this means I will have to seriously work on not pounding the entire glass or mug of Ovaltine in one prolonged chug as I usually end up doing. The stuff is tasty!

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