Pleading the 5th Makes for Bad TV

HP executives are in Washington right now "testifying" about the spying in the boardroom scandal that's already knocked several high-fliers out of the skies, including Patricia Hurd (who was just inducted into the Silicon Valley Hall of Fame which makes for an interesting contrast to this current idiocy).

And the coverage has been positively awful. What interest is it to hear these folks exercise their 5th amendment rights against self-incrimination? That's not hot and sexy and bad.

We want to hear the dirt. We want to hear who told who to do what. We want to know who authorized the pretexting and under what grounds they did so.

Or, actually, not really. The HP scandal is interesting stuff but there are plenty of other more interesting and farther reaching stories going on right now.

The continued attempt to dismantle the US's adherence to the Geneva Conventions on the torture of POWs is a big one. The Clinton getting all pissed off at the Fox News reporter who asked Clinton questions about 9/11 he wouldn't even ask the sitting president. And I think that was a brilliant response by Bill Clinton, why haven't you asked President Bush these same questions?

There is news that the number of US deaths in Iraq recently surpassed the total number of dead from 9/11 which has a sort of somber signifigance.

There is the news that my brother and his family are moving to Texas as he accepted a new position. But since he doesn't respond to email anymore its hard to offer congratulations.

There is the big bummer news that my cousin's converted barn burned down under some suspicious circumstances (or at least it seems suspicious but will likely end up being a shorted wire).

There is the unsurprising but still annoying news that my unemployment appeal was denied and the bitch I used to work for has, for all intents and purposes, won. That sucks and it rankles me but I do believe in karmic payback and I'm certain I'll read about her getting run over by a bus anyday now. (No, not really but its a nice thought for a moment. I don't wish her any real harm.)

Oh yes, and there is the news that Barry Bonds will not sign any contract for what will likely be his final major league season if the contract contains any incentive-based payouts. I.e. he wants a huge paycheck no matter how gimpy and useless he is next year. Which means that he'll likely go and play in the American League to run out his career as a DH since he's a liability in the field now.

And I can understand his perspective but I don't think he's being fair. He's a huge salary and if he's not producing or even playing (which brings in bigger crowds and larger gate revenues) then he shouldn't be getting full-sized paychecks. Look at what an incentive-based contract has done for Frank Thomas this season. He's a leading candidate for comeback player of the year with his monster numbers in September. And he's having fun playing.

Anyway, that's my news wrap for this morning. Time to get cranking on my tasklist.

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