Pimp My Tivo

The good news is that I finally ordered an upgrade hard drive for my Tivo from Weaknees. I noticed a week or two ago that I have, at best, one show saved on the Tivo. The majority of our hours are spent on kid's shows and my wife's shows.

And that's not right.

So I ordered an upgrade drive to add 180 hours of storage to the unit. That should help quite a bit. Now I just need to figure out why the damned thing is running so slowly these days.

Anyone got any insight into that?

And if you're considering a Tivo I would just recommend getting one. It makes television so much better. The replay is good, the pausing is good and it just works without hassles (unlike other PVR's I've read about). The only bummer I know of now is that there are no lifetime licenses for sale anymore, they want a monthly residual payment. I knew that was never going to last so I bought the lifetime subscription and it is paying for itself now!

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