Morning After Workout Superpowers

I love the morning after a good workout the night before. I feel stronger, tell myself I look better and am just all around more suited to hit the ground running (or rolling as the case may be).

I'm not as "built" as I used to be but then I've got two kids, a wife, a dog and a full time job so you'll excuse me if I don't have the six pack in effect.

But I am riding my bike at work during lunch again and have continued to stay away from fast food (nearly two months now) and I do feel better. Though I am still struggling with getting enough sleep. If I go to bed early then one of the kids will wake up screaming at 4 in the morning. Or something else will impact my desire to get a good night of sleep.

But the new mattress is helping and, though the steps are small, we are making steps to get back into a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Now if I can only find a house that doesn't cost $600,000 and needs about a $100,000 worth of repair work. Another few months of a softening market ought to get us there though, I hope.

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