Got Wood?

wooden USB drives
You didn't know you could be all green and still have your tech widgets, did you?

Well, be the envy of the coffee shop when you plug the wooden memory stick into your solar-powered TreeHugger 5000 notebook.

But I think I prefer these sushi-styled USB drives.

Really, all I need in a flash drive is high speed and to make sure the connector is protected. That's why I really like my SanDisk Cruzer Titanium, the USB connection retracts into the cool Liquidmetal case. Now I just need a much, much larger drive as the 512 MB gets filled up right quick.

And then there is the incredibly lame Office Espionage Kit that includes a listening device, an invisible ink pen and two mirrors to peek around corners. Whoop-de-friggin'-do. How about some real tools? Like a pen scanner, proximity alarm, bombs disguised as CD's and a Dictaphone that converts into a bar? Now we're talking!
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