Gas Collusion and Election Fixing

Americans Skeptical About Gas Price Drop and, in my mind, rightfully, correlate the sudden and substantial drop in the price of gas to fears of the upcoming elections that will see some of those record oil company profits eaten up by pissed off consumers.

How much did the oil companies make last year in profit? Try $78 billion.

To answer Tony Snow's quote "'It also raises the question, if we're dropping gas prices now, why on earth did we raise them to $3.50 before?' Snow said."

Um yeah, Tony, how about I give you 78 billion reasons.

Stay the course, folks. Kick these crooked fucking bums out in November, restore the natural checks and balances on our government and eventually this Bush-era will seem like a bad dream that happened a long time ago instead of the never-ending nightmare it has been.

My neighbor had a visitor over who said we shouldn't ever question the president and we should just get behind him. Which I ably refuted by asking him how long he would work for a moron who continually screwed up the company. It astonishes me that people are still not willing to call a moron a moron and cast Bush into the gutter like the trash he is.

And then I explained to him about Bush's latest attempt to remove the US from subscribing to the Geneva Conventions on the treatment of POWs and the use of torture upon them. It sickens me to think of Bush and his cronies dismantling everything our nation stands for and then trying to cast the Democrats as the louts who have screwed everything all to hell.