Didja Know?

I found out today that inhaling secondhand smoke can exacerbate allergic symptoms for up to 4 days afterwards.

Secondhand smoke causes a shift in the immune system that results in higher levels of antibodies that trigger an allergic reaction.

So, aside from lung cancer, you can use allergic reactions as a reason to ask the stink stick smokers to take it elsewhere.

I'm always amazed when we travel to just to see how many people smoke. Everywhere. Its awful and sad. When we were up in Reno a few weeks ago, it felt like I was the only one who wasn't smoking. Casino's with bad HVAC systems stink too.

And, oh yeah, people who smoke just outside the door to my building, the smoke drifts right into the building and down the hallway which makes people have to walk through an entire hallway filled with your second hand smoke. And that look I give you on the way? That's the look of someone who'd like an excuse to kick you in the nuts.