Yahoo Mail and The Lost Art of Serving Your Customers

There's nothing quite as fun as having to deal with a monster company that absolutely refuses to ever let you speak directly with someone. No, everything has to be carried out via email and will take weeks and weeks and weeks.

About five and a half weeks ago, Yahoo decided to lock my long running email account. One that I was forced into paying for them to keep open for me after a merge of mine and my wife's accounts. So I pay Yahoo for this email address that they locked on me, five and a half weeks ago.

And then I started playing the email game with their utterly useless customer service morons who tell you to do the exact same worthless steps as on the webpage. USELESS. And after many weeks of one moron after another emailing the same worthless "help" they'll send a demand email with a whole bunch of information that Must Be Perfect Or They Cannot EVER Help. Nevermind the fact that they are being paid to administer this account, nevermind that I've had it with Yahoo for like six years now. No, none of that matters in the least. They must have their hoops leapt through properly.

Things like the zip code on the account which normally wouldn't be a problem except we've moved like six times since I opened the account at least. Things like the alternate email, which has been changed a few times as well.

But, in the end, if you do jump through their stupid hoops, they will actually restore access to the account. That was yesterday.

Today the account broke again.

And strangely enough, my free account is working perfectly fine. Its the pay one that keeps breaking and requiring a note from GOD to get Yahoo's moron techs to do something about it. What a fucking joke!

If you do some searching (well alot of searching) you will realize pretty quickly that there are no phone numbers for customer service anywhere on the Yahoo "Help" site at all. None. All customer service support must be dealt with via email. Why? Because I'm sure they got tired of irate customers screaming at them for not doing their freakin' jobs and fixing accounts. There are even websites dedicated to helping people find their flippin' numbers. What is wrong with this picture?

Yahoo is supposed to be on the cutting edge of the internet revolution and they can't even be bothered to give their customers a direct means of contact? Instead Netfolk have to make websites to get the information out? Is Yahoo from Planet Idiot or something?

No wonder Google is kicking their ass all over the place. Though I should mention that I find Gmail far worse that Yahoo Mail. Did they think people would never want to file email into places? What a stupid, stupid idea. I hate using web-based Gmail.

So, I found them over here so you don't have to. Here are phone numbers to get in touch with Yahoo people live on the phone (try not to abuse them too badly).
408-349-1572 Customer Care (call this for any question, they can direct you to
the appropriate # as well)
408-349-3300 Media Relations (has a lot of Yahoo divisions listed to connect
408-349-5151 Billing customer Service
415-345-4793 Yahoo Press release line (for members of the Press only)
866-800-8092 Small business customer service (tech support, billing, sales,
cancellation, etc..)