Wrapping Up a Good Father's Day

Today was a good Father's Day for me, I hope all the other dads out there in the world had good days as well.

A quick rundown?

We got to sleep in until 9 which was really quite nice. After house time with the active boy until he crashed out for his nap.

I went and rode my motorcycle up into Santa Cruz and met some pals out on the beach. When we all lived together we'd play beach volleyball at least once a week and sometimes more. Sundays were the day, we'd play all day and then bbq and party all night. Those were good times.

Anyway, we played a couple of games and I was able to retire undefeated on the day and maybe the season since its tough to get out and play now. But it was a good time either way. The beach was busy but not crowded, the sun was out but not roastingly hot (yet) and my legs weren't fried from running in the sand for hours. Oh yeah, and I had good hands on the court, not good brain as I made some mental errors but my hands were pretty decent.

After volleyball I rode back home to a cranky baby and a very active toddler and a tired momma. I got to making some dinner on the bbq, the ribs from CostCo? Kickass!

I also made some bruschetta and used the grill (as /J suggested) to toast up the bread before rubbing it with garlic, topping it with bruschetta, a little mozzerella and then a broil. It was freaking fantastic! Again.

And we made mojitos, several of them. Yummy little buggers!

Oh yeah, and my neighbors are inconsiderate pricks. I cannot wait to leave this house and them in my rear view mirror. Take that to mean that the housing or land search is being kicked back into gear. I wantee new space!

But it was a good day and this next week should be a good week with a couple of appointments, a hearing and I get a bar (well, a handed down desk from the salon but it'll be a bar soon enough) though I had to trade my desk for it but that's fine because I need a better, bigger desk with some drawers, ya know? Nah, probably not but that's cool. I also took a bunch of great pictures yesterday when Grady was having so much fun with his cousin at the park!

Update: I forgot two important additionals that I wanted to get in here. One, I had a great call with my family who are all vacationing in Florida together. We would have been there too but Sullivan sort of made things a little too tough this time around. But it was great and fun to talk with them.

The second is that I got the best and coolest Father's Day card ever. A handmade card of my family's hands all together and colored in. It is really wonderful and captures who the three most important people in my life are. I will cherish it forever!

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