A ReCommitment

I am hereby putting a stake in the ground on this day, the eleventh of June (ha! three months to my birthday), that I am publicly and internally recommitting myself to a healthier lifestyle and fitness regimen.

Its been too easy to let things slide these last couple of months from quitting work to having a new baby, I've had alot of other things on my mind. But I was thinking that its about time I started riding my damned bike again. I may not really enjoy where I am here but I can still figure out a way to get out on my bike and burn some. I have been interested in seeing what the other side of the slough looks like and how far the new pathway extends.

Yesterday was a kind of bad day for me overall. I couldn't shake being in a crappy mood and things just kept making it worse. To the point I just stopped talking altogether. I know its because I feel trapped sometimes, not by my family, nah, I haven't gotten there at all. Yet. No, I feel trapped by this house, by this neighborhood, by this town, by the truly ridiculous price of real estate here.

No really. Do you have any idea? Try $300,000 for five acres, four of which are utterly useless and vertical and the remaining acres is fractured so your building site is, a, right on the road and b, about forty feet by sixty feet. Or how about $100,000 for a near 40 degree 2 acres with minislides down at the bottom already and a likely estimate of a half million to make a buildable foundation. Foundation, not house. Six hundred thousand dollars to get a plot of land ready.

Or you could buy a house already built and start your bidding at, hmmm, how about $450,000 for 500 square feet just off a busy road? No? Okay, how about $750,000 for a bitchin' house on a corner lot on the far end of a beach neighborhood (two miles to the beach)?

Anyway, can you see the itch growing again? Yeah, I really, really, really want to change our living surroundings and replace them with something about fifty times less crowded and busy. Sometimes its alright, sometimes my neighbors are cool and sometimes I think they're cool because we all kind of have to be. Nobody wants strife on their doorstep, not owners, not renters but less so.

I know where I'd like to go and what I'd like to do but I just don't think its all that doable where I want to do it and that is the bummer. I don't want to leave Santa Cruz, I really do love it like a home. I want to raise my kids here but the costs are just so freaking crazy and out of control.

However, that also means there's an awful lot of money to be made. Its just figuring out how to get some.

By the way, beachfront condos in the Dominican Republic can be had for under a hundred grand. Anyone want to go foursees and get one?

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