IP Tech Update

There have been some changes in the IP arsenal of technology of late and I wanted to share the upgrades and reasons for them.

The first upgrade was a replacement for my aged and cantankerous Linksys wireless router. We got our money's worth from the little thing but it was old, slow, didn't broadcast or recieve especially well (think a 38% signal strength from about fifteen feet away) and then, one morning last week, it expired. The box was dead, no amount of resetting or unplpugging and replugging could even revive a light on it.

So the router has been replaced with a Netgear 1008 Mbps Wireless Router that was absolutely kickass easy to set up and has been providing superb throughput for my networked machines. It was also a piece of cake to lock it down to wandering surfers looking for an open wireless signal to latch on to.

The other new tech from this week is a replacement for my Canon S2 IS. I took the S2 back to Staples because I just didn't carry it with me, it's too big and ungainly and I'm just not the kind of photographer that works well with a bigger camera like that. So I'm back on the pocket Canons, this time an SD450. It was a good deal, has that super sweet huge 2.5 inch screen on the back, is faster than the SD500 I got rid of before the S2 and is a smaller camera to boot. I've gotten reasonably good results with it so far too. Nothing to write home about yet but I'm getting there. And, because its tiny, I take it with me everywhere I go.

Next tech is to figure out how to download our Tivo shows to one of the computers for transfer to DVD so we can free up some disc space on the Tivo. Ought to be interesting as it has to be done on a PC and the PC here at home isn't wireless-enabled. But that's alright, it'll be nice to get a few Sesame Street DVD's pulled together.

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