Hands Off Sesame Street, GOP

The Republicans are trying to slash the budget that includes the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the makers of Sesame Street, again. They tried this last year and got smacked down for it by angry parents all across the country.

Well, they didn't learn their lesson and need another smackdown. Go sign this petition to let the Republicans know to keep their damned tentacles off the CPB.

Make no mistake, they are targetting entities that they disagree with. One of the named reasons for wanting to kill the CPB? A show called "Postcards from Buster" had the audacity to show a lesbian couple on the show. The shame of it all, if we're not careful, the children might realize that there are......gay people in the world.

Another facet of the CPB is National Public Radio which the Republicans think is nothing liberal yapping. When, in reality, its an excellent source of programming for classical music, news and information that you can't get elsewhere.

And where's the cut money going to go? How about to fund yet another rich people's tax cut? We lose NPR, Sesame Street and many other great kid's shows so that some already rich jerks can get a little bit richer? How utterly pathetic and sad of the Republicans.

Don't you, at some point, just have to say enough is enough? Its not enough that they are gutting the nation, that they've driven us into unparalled debt, that they've mired us in a pet war so Bush could show his daddy what a tough guy he is, now they want to kill off Sesame Street.

Please go and sign the petition.

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