Diapers, Your Days Are Numbered!

Today is a brand new day for us, today we saw the horizon and somewhere on it, somewhere we are looking at a child moving up from his diapers.

Today, Grady peed in his potty for the first time! Sure, its just a first step towards diaper divestiture but it is the first step and that's awesome.

We also covered brand new and thoroughly scary ground yesterday when Graydon learned a very frightening lesson about gravity. He threw a ball down the stairs too hard and his momentum carried him down the stairs as well. He tumbled out of control down the stairs and landed at the bottom, very, very shaken up but, thankfully, unhurt. In fact, he was laughing and playing about two minutes later after the initial shock of the tumble had worn off. But it is my wish that the lesson sticks with him for a little while as I have absolutely no desire to see him fall down again, it was horrifying to watch, more so because he was just out of my reach.

And Graydon is also starting to really enunciate his words. He seems to be adding several words a day to his vocabulary. Which means that we've gotta be extra careful about using words we'd just as soon he didn't repeat out in public. But he's amazing in how quickly he's expanding his world and figuring out new ways to interact with his toys, my toys and everything else.

I always laughed it off when people said that kids grow up too fast but they really and truly do.

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