The Battle I Won With a Finger

As any father that has gone through the newborn stage, there is an art to putting the baby down. Some nights it is all about a sort of motion, a rocking with a jiggle. Other nights its about a noise or an angle of the body.

And then there was tonight when Sully was quite insistent that he be held as he fell asleep. Until I slipped my finger into his hand. He settled down almost immediately, closed his eyes, his body relaxed and he made his little way off to sleep.

And tonight was the least cry-filled night of the last few in putting him down. A gassy little guy is he. Which means he gets the leg pumps before he'll settle down and sometimes he's just going to be upset for a little while.

But tonight was quite sweet watching him go from bunched up little wrinkle faced unhappy baby to peaceful little angel in the space of a couple of breaths.

Which means that something's got to happen with Grady. So he woke up with a croup-y cough, we did a steam and then I put him back down with the humidifier blasting in his room.

It really does never end. But that's alright. There is much to write on but not right now

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