Another Perspective on Immigration Reform

I thought I had heard most all of the views in regards to immigration reform but there is always room for another perspective. Especially one from the Salutatorian of the 006 Princeton graduating class, even more so when he turns out to be an illegal immigrant himself.

Upon reading his extraordinarily eloquent and well thought out arguments, I have to say that my overall point of view hasn't changed substantially. Except to be reminded that the founding tenet of this nation was doors open to all and the American Dream was theirs to embrace.

The only failing here is that Dan-El, the Salutatorian, would have become a citizen in an instant if he could and even had high-end lawyers working on his behalf to give him citizenship.

His story is an excellent read, even if only for the expansion of the horizon his unique perspective provides. I wish him well and hope that he is able to gain full citizenship and continue his studies.

What will continue to bother me about the immigration reform issue is that people want to granted amnesty for being already in place, that just crazy to me. Its like granting squatters the deed to your house because they are in it. Maybe they have some right to work to stay permanently but I don't see that they have any right to demand any instant clemency.

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