Abandoning an Email Address

Actually, this isn't really about abandoning an email address, that'll come later on this week when I give up my longtime account with Yahoo.

Nope, this is about turning off a spigot for spammers to piss me off. My previous contact email jh @ intellectualpoison dot com is no longer a functioning email address, the new one is posted on the right side there. Just remove the spaces and change the at to an @ and the dot to a ., crazy huh?

Some spammers decided to set their Reply-To address to my email address which means I've been getting hundreds and hundreds of irritating bouncebacks from their pathetically stupid shotgun marketing tactics. To the point where I set up spam filters in several languages to try and catch the majority of "Undeliverables".

I really wish there were an easy and satisfying way to return the annoyance that spammers inflict on the world. I'd think putting convicted spammers in a box in a public place and selling rotten tomatoes and eggs would suffice.

People who spam do nothing but ruin the internet for the rest of us, much like the people who piss in public pools. In fact, exactly like that.

So, if you've got my jh address in your address book, please update it to the new one. Otherwise, your important (real) emails will never make it to me.

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