Tired of Being a Parent, Here's the Wrong Solution

Parents leave kids home alone to gamble in Las Vegas for the weekend. The two boys were 5 and 9 years old, a lot too young to leave alone for an entire weekend. But the parents left the father's cell phone in case there was an emergency and left them plenty of cereal to eat.

And now, because these two boys were born to a couple of moron assholes, they will almost certainly be taken away from them and enter Child Protective Services. And, once the parents are off probation or out of jail, they'll be able to run off to Vegas anytime they want to as they'll no longer have the anchor of their offspring holding them back from debaucherous weekends in Las Vegas.

Its a solution but its very much the wrong one. Can't find someone to care for your kids so you can go blow money in Vegas? Then you cannot go. Jeez, are people really this self-absorbed and stupid? No, don't answer that.
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