The Super Simple IP Workout Regimen

First off, have you ever noticed how close regime and regimen are? There but for the grace of an "n" goes the regime.

Anyway, I've been implementing a new workout system for 2006 that I thought others might benefit from. The actual workout part of it is pretty open to whatever toots your horn. For me, I use my Bowflex and have put together a quick moving routine that gets my workouts done in about a half hour, maybe a little more if I'm dogging it between sets.

So, here's the plan. Don't blink because its easy to miss. There's only one rule.

1. Work out on odd days.

That's it. Simple and really effective. If the day ends in an odd number then that's a workout day. Today's the 16th, no workout. Yesterday was the 15th, workout. And its very easy to keep track of how many workouts I've had so far in the new year. Eight, half the number of days, cool eh? My current workout regimen looks like this:

warm up - 30-35 pound resisted rowing for a set of 30 to 40

Abs - resisted crunches, set of 15
Bench press - set of 12ish
Lat pulldown - set of 12ish to the front (half front and back on second set, all back on third set)
Triceps press - set of 12
Standing biceps curl - set of 12, alternating two arm and one arm reps
Seated shoulder press - set of 12.

Repeat once or twice depending on your energy level and time. Adjust weight depending on number of cycles and energy level, I generally cycle my weights upward during the workout so that my final cycle is substantially more difficult than the first. Every couple of weeks I'm adding another exercise to the list so the workouts get a little longer and a little more focused.

The advantage to this workout cycle is that I can move from exercise to exercise very quickly and easily. The bench to pulldown transition is quick as I use the same weight, same thing for the transition from triceps to biceps and shoulder press. Its all about not wasting time resetting the machine all the time. And taking time while actually performing the exercise. Consider your action, feel your muscles work, concentrate on getting everything you can from the workout. You'd be surprised at how much more of a workout you can get if you throw your brain into it too.

For cardio work, I ride my bike at least twice a week at lunch. Usually between 4 and 6 miles each day. But that number will be going back up again once we move away from the very bike UN-friendly town we live in now here cyclists are treated as targets by assholes in Hondas with after market pipes and bass shakers.
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