Scurry off the GoodCorrupt Ship Hammer, You Stinkin' Rats

Republicans calling for elections to replace DeLay which is the end of his political career.

This isn't the Democrats saying he needs to be replaced, these are his own boys saying its time he went away (preferably for 5-10 years with no time off for good behavior) as he's under indictment for campaign fraud and has been handed the anchor that is Jack Abramoff's confession of guilt.

Goodbye, you smarmy corrupt prick.
[Update: He's gone, stepped down to save being kicked out. Of course, this is mere posturing by his cronies in order to try and appear that they are fine upstanding policitians for the upcoming elections. But hell, anytime you see the GOP devour one of their own, its cause for a little celebration. Especially a contemptible asshat like DeLay.]
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