Reality Called: Declaring Something Legal Does NOT Make It Legal

Bush Calls Domestic Spy Program 'Limited' which is patently obvious to anyone since its completely unfeasible to spy on everyone.

But he maintains that he acted within the law and the powers that Congress gave him after the 9/11 attacks. Funny how Congress and other politicians don't seem to agree with him. And the basic fact is that he really has no good reason to have not secured the legal authority to implement the wiretaps unless those being tapped were not legitimate terrorist-linked suspects. In which case, its pretty clear he overstepped his authority and should be removed from office. But if those under-the-table wiretaps were of secret terror cells in the US then he shouldn't have had any problems at all in getting court approved wiretaps. There is NO reason he should have ignored the law and gave authorization to wiretap communications. None. Not with a 72-hour retroactive court order capability. To have not done so is a flagrant disregard of the law that he has sworn to uphold.

Its very telling that the Bush White House is setting loose the dogs on the leaker, the one who had the audacity to spill the beans about the president authorizing wiretaps without court authority. Its very telling that they are going after the whistleblower even while an investigation into the legality of the activities being leaked. So, if it turns out (as I and many others believe) that Bush broke the law, does the leaker become a whistleblower and a hero? One would expect it but I'm sure the smear machine is already chugging along to cast whoever leaked the information as Satan's bully.

Bill Clinton, ostensibly one of the greatest presidents in this country's history, was impeached for lying about an ugly intern giving him a blowjob. And he's raised as the evil specter of liberalism every minute of every day by conservatives who should, if rationality and politics weren't like oil and water, be lauding his accomplishments. But instead he's reviled, there are slasher sites dedicated to morons writing fiction stories about raping and murdering Hilary Rodham Clinton, people will always try to justify Bush's actions by comparing them to something Clinton did as if that makes it alright.

But this under-the-table wiretap business is a very slippery slope indeed and I have zero interest in allowing anymore of my rights as an American citizen be eroded in the name of protecting those same rights. The irony is very thick indeed.
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