Now I Really Am Scared

Fear is seeing your 18 month old boy figure out how to close the garage door and then turn the lock to secure it. Fear is realizing that he could, very easily, lock one of us in the garage.

But being an adult is knowing how to circumvent his ever-expanding body of knowledge and putting a hide-a-key out on the furnace so that he can't just lock his parents in the garage.

Everyday he gets smarter and smarter and keeps adding to his arsenal of skills. The accompanying photo is titled "Living on the Edge" and aptly captures my current sentiment of my dangerboy.

Yesterday we went to the Seymour Discovery Center at the Long Marine Lab on the edge of Santa Cruz and had a really good time letting him charge around, chase other kids, pet starfish and shy away from hermit crabs and be amazed at the tube worm (well, his parents were amazed) and try to go climbing on the blue whale skeleton outside.

After the heavy rains of Saturday, a nice sunny Sunday was just what we needed. Well, that and a Steelers win. I didn't think the Redskins had enough gas in the tank to win it. I liked the Bears but its really hard to win without an offense. I would have preferred New England over Denver but overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the playoffs so far. The Steelers game had an awful lot of edge of your seat moments so that it made it good entertainment and I declared the game over at least twice before it was, in fact, over. Good stuff indeed.
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