Mark McGwire and the Baseball Hall of Fame

Yahoo Sports has a poll up right now about Mark McGwire's chances of getting into the Hall of Fame. The numbers are tight at 47% and 53% and they are favoring him not getting voted into the Hall. Most likely because of his incredibly crappy "testimony" at the steroid hearings last year where Rafael Palmiero swore he'd never done 'roids and was busted and has been pretty well excommunicated from baseball since (especially after he tried unsuccessfully to implicate Miquel Tejada in his crime).

So, the fans have spoken, Big Mac does not deserve entry into the game's most hallowed shrine because he did not come clean on his pretty obvious use of steroids as a player. I mean, come on, if you don't vociferously deny using them and then refuse to answer then you're guilty of using them. There's just no other explanation that can be had.

And you know what? I agree with McGwire not getting into the Hall of Fame. Part of entry to the Hall means being a great ballplayer and he was that, but it also means respecting the game and working to preserve its integrity. The game supercedes individual players and, if he had come clean, then he might still have a chance. But he didn't and he's out. If the poll is any indication.

What do you think? Does Mark McGwire deserve the Hall of Fame given his playing career and what has (or has not) come to light since he retired?
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