How Much is Your Cell Phone Privacy Worth?


That's how much LocateCell charges to produce cell phone records for any cell phone number you give them and 1-4 hours to bring all the data together.

For $95 they will locate the new cell number of someone as long as you have their name and either their social security number or address.

And they do the same thing for landlines.

In this day and age of the erosion of rights and the loss of control over one's own personal information, I find a site like LocateCell to be thoroughly disgusting and a should be illegal business.

How can they legally tap into my phone records? How can they access my personal data without my authorization? How can that possibly be legal?

Their website has zero information about the legality of what they are doing. Zero information about the company itself. It is ridiculous that they are doing this.

I demand to know how and why they are allowed to deliver personal data to anyone willing to pony up the cash.

[Update: There is some light at the end of the tunnel, go and hit up Privacy Rights and you may be able to opt out of the release of proprietary network information. For me, that's Cingular and SBC (the SBC link is now broken thanks to the recent merger of AT&T and SBC and the think I mean output when I searched for opt-out, no surprise there, SBC sucks Green Giant sized nuts).

Taken to its extreme, read this article about the Columbian drug cartel boning up and going high tech. And then think that the article is four years old about a computer seized eight years ago and the current reality is almost certainly so much more advanced as to rival the most sophisticated computing systems anywhere on the planet. The drug cartels tapped an anonymous tip line and swiftly executed those who utilized it and that's just the tip of the iceberg.]
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